All Mastery is Self-Mastery

There are wildly different specifics in every skillset. It can take decades to master *something*, whether that be the violin or ping pong. We see countless books telling us the last secret to weight loss, or this new gadget that will amp our productivity up by 20%. Being the best at x is something we all strive for.

But what good are these resources without the grounding and strength to use them effectively? You may know someone who is very talented but crashed and burned when it got difficult. You may know someone who was terrible at a certain skill, and now they are at the top of their field. What separates these two examples?

Using the methods from a field in which you feel you have mastered, apply that work ethic and drive to other parts of your life that may seem out of balance. Even if you rise to the top and have mastered something, is that the end? We all know examples of those who seem to “have it all” in one area, but another part of their life completely collapses. Did they ever find the overall success they were looking for?

To me, mastery is a sort of state of being, a balance between all things in life- a mastery of the self. Find true peace and freedom in all aspects of life, and you may find that you will become better at everything.

“Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power.” Lao Tzu

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