A few weeks into the fall semester, and a few thoughts on standards.

Because of technology, the world is getting smaller everyday. The standards in every field are getting higher with each passing minute. Communication is the fastest it has ever been; the only thing really stopping new ideas from having worldwide exposure and use is our ability to come up with new ones.

While we may still operate in the old “zones” of standards (country, city, town, school, and the years in which you live/spend time in those places), the internet has created an entirely new “standard zone”, one where we can see and compare in real time ideas, techniques, and ideas that have been worked out over the course of human history.

Don’t let the old zones hold you back or make you feel satisfied. The doors have been blown off; your time and efforts spent in one place, while seemingly important and valuable in that zone (for instance, high school), completely get redefined and crumble when entering a new zone (job market, college, etc). This will happen repeatedly, that is unless the robots eventually take over and halt human flourishing.

Use the technology at your fingertips to access the best, ask questions, and be open to change. Chase the standard and be your own fiercest competition.

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