More Alike than Different

The great institutions, architecture, literary works, music, any human creation was created by someone not that much different than you. It is easy to feel like 300 years ago was a long time, but it was not. Look at all the things that have been built, made, created and destroyed in that short amount of time….by people, not that much different than any of us. Though some disagree with how things came about or how they are maintained, the possibility of change for the better resides in any one of us. The permanence, power, and influence of these institutions and creations can be overwhelming. Who am I in comparison to these things? Do I have any power to change or improve upon them? Why are certain people portrayed as gods in the history books? Is this institution or way of thinking as permanent as it seems?

A start to thinking about this is realizing the people who brought these things into existence are as flawed as the rest of us, and a way to deal with the complications of the world is by starting with ourselves. Study what worked, study what didn’t. Persevere knowing you may better the lives of other’s around you. Question why things are regarded as they are, but do not throw everything you value away in the process. Pursue greatness and who knows what will happen, you may make history.


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