People Who are Doing It “Wrong”

While you are out there seeing who’s ideas work for you and who’s do not, it is useful to understand what to do with the people who you think are doing it “wrong”. It is easy to convince yourself that these people are “lesser” by talking down about them either in your head or to others. Making an environment where you and your tribe is convinced that “Blackberry Harvest” paint color is a superior purple to “Purple Passion”, and that anyone who uses any other color besides Blackberry Harvest is below you…..can be dangerous. (Yes, those are real paint colors).

If you think someone is doing something “wrong” (usually most of the time, wrong means different), allow them to work out the “wrong” for you. Stifling difference of opinion before they can be completely thought out leads to strict and unchanging existences. How can someone possibly know everything? And where is the fun in that?

Take the “wrong” things that have been worked out by those who hold a different opinion from you. Use it to either strengthen your reasoning for the ideas, or perhaps the “wrong” will be incorporated into your thought process, and you may…..change.

You have the luxury of other people working out things that you don’t have time for. Don’t throw it all out at once because it doesn’t match your ideas at first glance. Though the “wrong” may actually be useless or destructive in the end, at least you have the body of work to explain why the next time it comes around.

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