Permanence and the Internet

Something that is tricky about the Internet is its permanence. The Internet may feel even more permanent than even our own memory; we can forget about something that happened long ago, but maybe Facebook brings it up 5 years later.

While we now have the tool to share anything at anytime, we have all seen plenty examples of how that may not always be the best idea. Putting yourself out there has its benefits and drawbacks: taking a risk and presenting something to the world can lead to criticism or praise….or both at the same time depending on who you ask.

It is easy to sit back and watch as others fail around you and judge their actions. It is easy to see this as an indication to NOT take risk, as it can mostly likely lead to failure and thus judgment from others. However, as Isaac Morehouse explains, the past isn’t written yet. Perhaps all your failures and “putting yourself out there” experiences will lead to an eventual success, but right now it seems really unlikely in your mind.

Letting yourself be crippled by the chance of being criticized is probably not worth the long term effects of never taking a chance to being with. Let your failures be a part of your eventual redemption; the people of the future will thank you for the good story.

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