Time is our most valuable asset. We lose time with every passing day. Humanity continues to extend life expectancy, but time will still get the best of us.

How many hours a day do we waste? How many hours a day do we think about doing something to stop wasting this time, but end up distracting ourselves in order to stop thinking about it? How long will this last for? Who can I be if I use all of my being to be better? How can this betterment make not only my own, but the people’s lives around me better? How do we value our time? What are willing to do today that will pay off in the future?

Humans naturally want to avoid suffering, but the short cuts usually are just a distraction. The cost of dealing with suffering by applying temporary fixes is ultimately running out of time. By the end of our time, how will we look back on it?

If you want change, start with yourself.


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